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Bainbridge Pride is looking for passionate individuals to help us plan and manage our events and programs!

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Thank You to our 2019


"Our organization would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following people listed below that we consider community builders! These angels were instrumental in the planning, organizing, running and publicizing of this event. We don't want to think where this festival would be without them. If you really enjoyed Bainbridge Pride's 3rd Annual Festival and would like to give thanks to someone, then these are the people you need to celebrate because they are the reason for this festival's success. From the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you for making the impossible, possible!" 

-Bainbridge Pride Org.

Sal Derosalia - Event Emcee

Richard Davis - Event Emcee

Whitney Rose - Event Organizer

Odie O'Dell - Generous Donor

Christina Aitchison - BIEMR

Michael Martinez - Event Volunteer

Shayne Chandler - Event Volunteer

Warren Read - Event Volunteer

Danny Jackson - Event Volunteer

Martha Gavin-Wells - Planning Committee

Leigh Barreca - Planning Committee

Daniel Warner - Planning Committee

Michael Turner - Event Volunteer

Reeve Fritchman​ - BIEMR

Devin James - BIEMR

Philip Pons - Event Contributor (Unicorn)

Christina Hamlin - Event Volunteer

Gary Soule - Event Volunteer

Kerry Netland - Event Volunteer

James Mulvaney - Event Volunteer

Kim Leigh - Event Volunteer

Lynn Swan - Event Volunteer

Michael & Leslie Cerruit - Event Volunteers

Wayne Newhouse - Event Volunteer

Marti Dean - Event Volunteer

Thuy Nguyen - Event Volunteer

Thuy Ortiz - Event Volunteer

Nancy Norton - Event Volunteer

Louisa Barash - Event Volunteer

Bobbie Garthwaite - Event Volunteer

Emiliana Colón - Event Volunteer

Eve Palay - Planning Committee

Thom Blackmore - Planning Committee

Derek Villanueva - Planning Committee

Rachel Yobs - BIEMR

Phil Fergusson - BIEMR

Kelly Enright - Event Volunteer

Barb King - Event Contributor

Matty McCaslin - Event Contributor

Bob & Debbie Towery - Generous Donors

Charlene Smith - Event Volunteer

Jackie Fabbri - Event Volunteer

Jessica Fabrizius - Event Volunteer

Rick Rochon - Event Volunteer

Sam & Eric Matson - Event Volunteer

Sar Frost - Event Volunteer

Tami Allen - Event Volunteer

Sarah Barash - Event Volunteer

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